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New DVD Releases for Jul 28


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Just Announced on DVD

American Heist

American Heist

Available September 8th

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Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Available October 2nd

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Available September 29th

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Modern Family: The Complete Sixth Season

Modern Family: The Complete Sixth Season

Available September 22nd

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Future TV on DVD releases

Future TV on DVD Releases

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Spoiler Alert: The best movie clues you probably missed Wed, Jul 29 at 4:45 PM

There was a time there in the late 1990s where it was in vogue for your film to have a twist ending. Call it the M. Night Shyamalan effect, but it seemed like every movie... (more)

New trailer turns up the heat on 'The Scorch Trials' Wed, Jul 29 at 4:14 PM

You may remember that one film that I recently discovered was The Maze Runner. It wasn't that I was intentionally avoiding the film, it's just that it sort of got lost in the shuffle of... (more)

Cooter's Watch List: A 'Comet' worth watching Tue, Jul 28 at 4:59 PM

Well, it seems that most of you seem to like the new weekly list. Either that or your apathy has spoken for you. Whatever the case may be, I'm going to crank these out until... (more)

Monday Mixer: More psychology experiments turned into films Mon, Jul 27 at 4:04 PM

Some weeks are more exciting than others. This week was not one of those weeks. It seems that the heat of summer has finally caught up with us and it's beginning to show, both at theaters... (more)

New 'Mockingjay' trailer foretells the end of 'The Hunger Games' Thu, Jul 23 at 2:42 PM

All good things must come to an end, right? That's doubly true for the final installment of The Hunger Games. Despite filmmakers' attempts to prolong the franchise by taking the last book of the trilogy... (more)

Cooter's Watch List: James Franco, Scooby-Doo and Jimmy Hoffa Wed, Jul 22 at 5:10 PM

Welcome to the inaugural column in what will hopefully become an ongoing series of staff picks stories where we highlight some of the lesser known offerings each week. As my partner in crime has rightfully... (more)

James Bond up to his old tricks in new 'Spectre' trailer Wed, Jul 22 at 10:53 AM

Just when things were going so well for Spectre, Sony decides to fall back upon tried and true tropes when it comes to James Bond trailers. Yes, everyone wants to see James Bond kicking butt... (more)

Top Renting DVDs

  1. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
  2. Run All Night
  3. Kingsman: The Secret Service
  4. Unfinished Business
  5. Ex Machina
  6. Focus
  7. Jupiter Ascending
  8. The Lazarus Effect
  9. It Follows
  10. American Sniper

Top Movies At Box Office

  1. Ant-Man
  2. Pixels
  3. Minions
  4. Trainwreck
  5. Southpaw
  6. Paper Towns
  7. Inside Out
  8. Jurassic World
  9. Mr. Holmes
  10. Terminator: Genisys

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