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This Is Our Time

UPC 857533003271
Retail $9.99
Released 10/21/14

UPC 857533003264
Retail $9.99
Released 10/21/14

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This Is Our Time

Year: 2013
On Video/DVD: April 16, 2013
Starring: Bruce Marchiano
Erin Bethea
Dawn Wells
Erik Estrada
Eric Roberts
Director: Lisa Arnold
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: Awarded the Dove Foundations Family Seal of Approval and recommended for all ages. “This Is Our Time” is an inspirational film about five friends connected by their strong faith and belief in God who set out to make a difference in the world following Graduation. Luke and Alé marry right after school and move to India to serve as missionaries for Embrace A Village. Budding Financier, Catherine, joins a prestigious financial institution determined to make her mark in the corporate world. Ryder lands an impressive job in social media and can’t wait to use the powerful medium for a greater good. Ethan, the odd man out, struggles to find his God-given-purpose and feels sidelined by God. Their ambitions are high, their passions are strong but will they have the courage to fulfill their calling regardless of what comes their way. The sacrifice they are asked to pay may just be too high. Through godly wisdom from an outside source, the group realizes that this is not their time after all, it’s all His!
Rating: Not Rated
Studio: Passion River

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