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Cannibal Diner

Uncut DVD
UPC 187830004115
Retail $19.95
Released 11/5/13

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Cannibal Diner

Year: 2013
On Video/DVD: November 5, 2013
Starring: Alexandra Lesch
Kristiana Rohder
Lara Baum
Indira Madison
Alexandra Jordan
Director: Frank W. Montag
Genre: Horror
Synopsis: Kati is on her way to a birthday party for her little sister Celine, while Tanja, Kati's best friend, and other friends are celebrating in a camp near the woods. While camping the girls are attacked by strangers. Kati, who is on her way to the camp site, gets lost in the forest and arrives at an old factory, where a clan of cannibals is already preparing their feast's main course - Kati's friends.
Length: 75 Minutes
Studio: Music Video Distributors

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