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Family Guy: Volume 13

Contains 3 Discs
UPC 024543979876
Retail $29.98
Released 12/9/14

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Family Guy: Volume 13

Year: 2014
On Video/DVD: December 9, 2014
Starring: Seth MacFarlane (voice)
Alex Borstein (voice)
Mila Kunis (voice)
Seth Green (voice)
Yvette Nicole Brown (voice)
Mike Henry (voice)
Johnny Brennan (voice)
Kevin Michael Richardson (voice)
Tony Sirico (voice)
Lauren Bacall (voice)
Adam Levine (voice)
Bryan Cranston (voice)
Genre: TV Series
Synopsis: You’ll sit, lie down, and roll over laughing as you watch this fetching collection of 21 uncensored Family Guy episodes, in which Peter and Quagmire make beautiful music together, Stewie is reborn into a wealthy British household, and the Griffins mourn the tragic death of their beloved mutt. (No, not Meg.) It’s a dog-gone hilarious complete season, featuring celebrity guest voices Tony Sirico, Lauren Bacall, Adam Levine, Bryan Cranston and many more!
Rating: Not Rated

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